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Point N’ Shoot is the god level shoeuzi that has been in the works for close to a year. Designed with the artist Okay Mojo from Toronto, Canada, this has been the most fun and rewarding collab to date. As I am writing this I’m starting to feel sad that it’s all coming to an end, as working with Okay Mojo has been so inspiring, he is so fucking talented (and definitely underrated). If you’re reading this Mojo, thanks a lot. Everything from the sketches to the packaging design, the animation concepts and art direction… you have inspired me and fuelled my design fire!



This shoeuzi is 75% scale, but a little bigger because of the ghost, measuring 25cm high.

The uzi is made from polystone resin and the ghost is made from clear water resin, dyed translucent red with a matte sandblasted finish.

Its a 4 part assembly that connects together magnetically for ease of transport and to avoid any customs issues.

Everything is made by hand; painting, sanding, casting… no machines involved.


In the box:
Gloves to keep ya dutty little fingerprint away
Anodized steel numbered card of authenticity
Sticker pack designed by Okay Mojo
Display Stand
3 part magna-fix assembly shoeuzi