Raffle information

If a product has a small edition size and is expected to have a high demand, we run a raffle style checkout. This is to avoid any server and order errors that come from thousands of people trying to check out at the same time, it also defeats bot orders.


How it works

  1. Once the raffle is live it will be open for entries for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the raffle is closed and 200 random super extra lucky entries will be drawn.

  3. Raffle winners will be charged and notified, if you were not selected you will not be charged and you will recieve an email notification confirming your complete and utter fail.

  5. If you are slected as a winner and your payment method fails your win will be re-raffled to another entry. Sad times.


How do the machanics work?
It works by you placing your order (aka. Entry), but instead of our payment processor automatically charging you like a normal order, it is set to a manual charge. So after the raffle entry period is closed, if the product is limited to 200, for example, 200 random people will be charged, and the rest of the entries who were not picked orders will be cancelled and no charge made.