shoeuzi Draw Terms and Condition

shoeuzi draw RULES
  • A Shoeuzi store account with verified and accurate contact details (mobile phone number and email address) is required.
  • Only one entry to a draw per person is allowed.
  • Entry details cannot be modified once they have been submitted.
  • Winning entries are valid to the customer details submitted at the time of the draw, and to that specific draw only.
  • You can’t transfer your entry to another user.
  • We reserve the rights to cancel a winning draw entry.
  • We reserve the rights to change the draw process at any time.

How to enter a draw?
Go to and log in or register your free Shoeuzi store account. Complete registration with all personal details required. You are allowed to enter a draw only once, any additional entries will be void. You will need to enter your payment details in order to participate, and once you enter the draw the total purchase amount including shipping costs will be RESERVED on your chosen payment method. Only if your entry is selected as a winner, the amount will be charged automatically. If your payment fails, your entry will be void and a new entry will be selected as a winner. Only the product on offer in the promotion is what you can win the opportunity to purchase.

Only the product on offer in the promotion is what you can win the opportunity to purchase.

For each draw event by by jldn AB will randomly select the pre determined amount of winners automatically. By entering a draw promotion you fully agree to the Terms and Conditions and the draw rules, as well as any of the Sponsor’s decisions regarding the promotion, made at any time, before, during or after the promotion is taking place. The chance of being drawn as a winner depends on the total number of participants in contrast to the number of available products. Within (approximately) 24 hours after the drawing has closed, all participants will receive an an email confirming whether they have won or not. You need to be 18 years of age at the time of entry to a draw. If by jldn AB finds that an entry as a winner has in any way violated the Terms and conditions or the draw rules, that entry will be void and the consumer may be disqualified from future events, and another entry will be selected as a winner.

Other Generate Terms and Condition
Other general Terms and Conditions Anyone who participates in a promotion agrees fully to the ‘by jldn AB’s Terms and conditions and promotional rules. A participant agrees that the Sponsor’s decisions are final and binding in all events regarding the promotion. by jldn AB reserves the rights to, at its sole discretion, void an entry, block or refuse sale to any participant who is behaving inappropriately, or that they believe to have attempted to manipulate or abuse the process in any way. This might include any of the following:
– Any breach of promotional rules or the Terms and Conditions
– Using of programs or scripts for automation of entries
– Any other tampering with the entry process or the operation of the promotion
– External platform misbehaviour (i.e social media, forums) such as threats, harassment or any other inappropriate annoyance.

by jldn AB may cancel, pause, modify or terminate a promotion at any time at its sole discretion in the event of any of the following occurs:
– Fraud
– Technical problem
– Virus
Or anything else that might have impacted the operation, administration of the promotion or the security. In the event of any occurrence classified under the term “Force majeure” or “Act of god”, the Sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate, cancel, suspend, modify, modify or abbreviate any promotion.

By participating in a promotion, you agree that by jldn AB, or any related companies or their employees or agents, are not liable to any potential cost or damage that the participation in the promotion may have caused. These occurrences may be any of the following (but not limited to):
– Any problems caused by delivery services
– Computer/server/network related technical errors
– Personal injury
– Injured property

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